Social Media Services for your Business

Social Media strategies and optimization for your chosen platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pinterest.  This is a powerful way to increase exposure and bring new clients to your service or business. After that you must consistently contribute to these platforms and build engagement ideally in your own ‘inspired’ way.  I can help you set up your unique Social Media marketing plan.

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is an ideal platform for you to connect with your clients as well as get ‘new’ ones.   You can get help in designing your Facebook page,  with custom landing pages, and develop a facebook marketing plan
Create contests and promotions on Facebook to attract more likes and exposure for your business.

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Social Media Start-up Pack

Facebook pages set up –Timeline cover & Profile (with graphics or without)
Twitter account set up
Pinterest account set up
LinkedIn account set up
You tube account set up

VIP Personal Success Blueprinting

Five steps to set up your objectives and marketing profit plan.

1.  Clarifying your passion and vision
2.  Setting up steps to reach your goal
3.  Looking at any obstacles emotional or technical and finding ways to overcome them
4.  Looking at your target audience
5.  Designing your marketing profit plan

I would love to help you make your initial plan on where you’d like to focus and how much you ‘d like to spend with a no obligation 30 minute free online consultation.  Click Here Now To Schedule!

During the consultation you will:
• Discover your objectives
• Explore the various options to your ideal marketing
• Explore opportunities to create multiple income streams
• Answer any questions you may have

*Now, after our consultation I will send you a thorough proposal with a plan that would suit your service or product.

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Please make sure to give me an idea of which areas you would like help with when requesting your consult. Such as:
• Branding
• Contests
• Content
• Facebook
• Qr codes
• Twitter
• Linkedin
• Pinterest
• Website creation

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